Campus Development

Building For Our Future

As a public agency that operates water delivery projects and promotes conservation, Northern Water currently employs more than 170 people between its Berthoud headquarters and West Slope facilities located in Grand County. Our employees work to bring clean, supplemental water to municipalities, industries and farmers through the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap projects. However, these operations have grown more complex as we integrate contemporary water collection and delivery challenges into our daily operations. Additionally, our region is growing and we are designing new projects to meet future demands. These needs require increased personnel, additional and updated offices, and new equipment facilities. 

As we plan for growth within our organization, Northern Water completed a Master Plan study in January 2020 to evaluate the Berthoud headquarters campus, as well as our Willow Creek campus on the West Slope. We are currently implementing recommendations in the Master Plan.

Berthoud Headquarters

In Berthoud, our existing 20-year-old campus consists of six buildings including the headquarters office building, maintenance facilities, conservation gardens and the Colorado-Big Thompson Project Interpretive Area. When built, the office building was sized to accommodate 15 years of growth. While the headquarters facilities are in excellent condition and have worked well for our needs, we have outgrown our space. The Master Plan identified various projects for future expansion on our existing campus to be implemented throughout the next several years. 

Phase I construction began in May 2021 and is anticipated to be complete in November 2022. It includes construction of Building F to house the Operations Division, buildings H and K for fleet and long-term storage, as well as parking lot expansion and other site improvements. Phase II construction began in August 2022 to add a new wing onto the main Building A. This new wing will allow for additional offices for staff to meet long-term project needs. 

Visiting Our Campus
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Northern Water Willow Creek Campus in Grand County, CO

Willow Creek Campus

In September 2022, West Slope employees moved into the new Willow Creek Campus, the first Northern Water office and maintenance complex on the West Slope. Employees worked out of various locations, including Farr and Windy Gap pump plants, since Farr Pump Plant was constructed from 1947 to 1951. The new building offers a mix of office and fleet maintenance space, as well as a control room to allow staff to manage Northern Water facilities.


For questions regarding the Campus Development Project, please contact Project Manager Amy Cook at 970-622-2261.