Consultations and Assessments

Optimize Your Landscape Design and Water Use

At Northern Water we know the importance of designing the perfect landscape while being efficient with water use. That’s why we offer landscape consultations and irrigation assessments through our qualified staff and partnership agencies. 

Northern Water Provided Landscape Consultations

Required for Application to Water-Efficient Landscape Grant Program

Employee conducting a garden consultation with 2 guests

Designed for our commercial customers, landscape consultations are offered by Northern Water staff free of charge. In addition, any applicant of the Water-Efficient Landscape Program is required to complete a consultation in advance of submitting a grant application. 

The consultation will address issues of concern, including water usage, landscape management and design, irrigation system performance, landscape plans and expectations, and ideas. Appointments are typically 60-90 minutes and are first come, first served. In order to provide the best assessment, we may require an irrigation assessment to be performed beforehand.   

Consultations are available to municipalities, schools, businesses, homeowners' associations and other entities within Northern Water and the Municipal Subdistrict boundaries. 

To get started, please complete an intake form to provide information about your project. Also check out the Landscape Renovation Resources. For any questions, please contact Lyndsey Lucia.

Service TypeAudienceRequired for Grant Application?Pre-requisite?Outdoor/IndoorNorthern Water or Partner ProvidedTopic Addressed
ConsultationCommercial YesIrrigation auditOutdoorNorthern WaterWater usage, landscape management and design, irrigation system performance, plant selection, turf maintenance, soil management
AssessmentCommercial, MunicipalNo
Outdoor and indoorPartnerIrrigation system inspection, identify water waste, offer direction for optimal water use
Water Loss AuditsColorado water providersNo

PartnerIn partnership with Colorado Water Loss Initiative and Manual 36 Water Audit and Loss Control Programs. Provides training and technical assistance to Colorado water providers. 

Partner Provided Assessments

Outdoor Assessments 

Commercial and HOA Properties

Irrigation assessments provide a foundation for assessing outdoor water use. Thanks to a partnership with Resource Central, more HOAs and commercial properties within Northern Water's boundaries will have access to Resource Central's Slow the Flow landscape irrigation audits. Assessments are designed to help identify water waste and offer direction for optimal water use. The assessments are offered by water providers in Northern Colorado as a free tool to customers. Check to see if your water provider is on the list

Commercial and Municipal Properties

In partnership with Aqua Engineering, commercial and municipal properties have access to advanced irrigation assessments. These assessments will assess each landscape and evaluate the irrigation system to identify water saving opportunities and determine solutions to cost-effectively improve or maintain landscape quality.  

To determine the best irrigation assessment option, please contact Spencer Bernard

Sprinkler efficiency test.
Resource Central's Catch the Cup Test as part of their irrigation audits.

Commercial Indoor Assessments

The Commercial and Institutional Indoor Assessment program offers no-cost indoor water-use assessments for commercial properties, thanks to a partnership with the Brendle Group. This program supports commercial water users like office buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, and more, by identifying water and cost saving opportunities in their operations. After a review of past water usage and a walkthrough of the facility, each participant receives a detailed report summarizing water saving recommendations and high-efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators and pre-rinse spray valves where applicable.  

For more information and to sign up, please email Darren Nowels

Commercial building bathroom sinks.

Water Loss Audits: Training for Water Providers

Water infrastructure

Northern Water partners with Colorado Water Loss Initiative and Manual 36 Water Auditing and Loss Control Programs to provide water loss audits.

Colorado Water Loss Initiative is a program of the Colorado Water Conservation Board that aims to reduce supply-side water loss by providing training and technical assistance to water providers in Colorado.

Manual 36 Water Auditing and Loss Control Programs are an initiative of the American Water Works Association’s, which allow providers to identify the volume of water losses (non-revenue water) in their distribution infrastructure, determine the economic value of these volumes, and then select appropriate mitigation measures to control those losses. 

For more information, please contact the Water Efficiency team.