Consultations and Audits

Ensure Your Landscape and Water Use is Optimized

At Northern Water we know the importance of designing the perfect landscape while being efficient with water use. That’s why we offer landscape consultations and irrigation audits through our qualified staff and partnership agencies.  

Landscape Consultations

Designed for our commercial customers, these landscape consultations are offered by Northern Water staff free of charge. During our visit we’ll look at issues of concern, including water usage, landscape management and design, irrigation system performance, landscape plans and expectations, and ideas. Consultations may include several topics, including plant selection, turf maintenance, soil management and more. Appointments are typically 90 minutes and are first come, first served. In order to provide the best assessment, we may require an irrigation audit to be performed beforehand.   

To get started please complete an intake form to provide information about your project. To schedule a consultation, please contact Chad Kuhnel or Lyndsey Lucia or call 800-369-7246. 

Landscape Renovation Resources

As you’re considering a consultation of your landscape, we’ve compiled a great guide that provides you with additional resources for design, irrigation and construction professionals.  

Consultation Intake Form
Landscape Consultations Fact Sheet
Resource Central's Catch the Cup Test as part of their irrigation audits.

Irrigation Audits 

Irrigation audits provide a foundation for assessing water use. Thanks to a new partnership, more residents living in Northern Water's boundaries will have access to Resource Central's Slow the Flow landscape irrigation audits. We’ve teamed up with Resource Central to offer audits that are designed to help identify water waste and offer direction for optimal water use. The audits are offered by water providers in Northern Colorado as a free tool to customers. Check to see if your water provider is on the list.  

If your water provider isn’t already on the list, then we’ll make sure we get you covered. This program is available to all water users living in Northern Water's boundaries.