May 31, 2023

Construction Milestone at Northern Water Campus Means Changes for Visiting Public

Northern Water’s campus expansion has reached an important milestone that will mean changes to public access during the next year. 

On May 23, the construction crew from Adolfson & Peterson placed the highest beam on the new construction of the main administrative building at Northern Water. The northern section of the building, which also houses the Northern Water Board of Directors boardroom and main public entrance, will undergo a transformation throughout the next year as Northern Water expands to meet its future challenges. 

For the public, it means the “front door” is now located next door, in Building F. Visitor and handicap accessible parking is available in front of Building F during the move. The Board of Directors will host their public meetings in Building H, on the southwest corner of the campus. Signs will guide visitors to the appropriate locations. 

The Conservation Gardens at Northern Water will remain open to the public throughout the construction. Access to the gardens is available via the parking lot on the south side of the gardens. 

For more information, visit the campus development website.  

Visiting Our Campus
Crews putting the final beam in place on top of Building A
Adolfson & Peterson construction crews place the highest beam on the new construction of the main administration building at Northern Water on May 25.